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Call Answering


Keep your existing phone number! We will provide you with a local or toll-free phone number which is unique to your business. You then would forward your existing business calls to that number, or if you prefer, publish the number we provide you with on your website, online business listings, and marketing materials.


Vicky will cheerfully answer calls as they come in using your customized greeting, book appointments, take messages while you’re out of your office, transfer callers to the right person in your organization, answer questions, and give vital information about your business from 7AM – 7 PM Central Time (Mon – Fri).


Our awesome, savvy, US-based receptionists can distinguish between different types of calls (new clients, current clients, hot leads, urgent calls, etc.) and handle according to your instructions.


You can forward and unforward your calls according to your schedule, whether that’s all the time, a couple of hours a day, or a few days a week.


Outbound Calls


Vicky can make all of your outbound calls, including follow-up calls, appointment reminders, dinner reservations, finding and purchasing gifts, etc.


Call Screening/Forwarding


We can screen your calls, let you know who’s on the line before answering, forward calls to appropriate members of your organization, or connect the caller to your voicemail.


If you aren’t available to take the call, we can also take a message from the caller, and send it to you by email and/or text.


Appointment Scheduling


Vicky can schedule appointments with clients as needed, using your current calendar software (Google Calendar, iCalendar, or Office365), based on your availability.

Call Overflow


If you are short-staffed, you can add our number to your phone system.


Calls will roll over to our team of awesome virtual receptionists if you don’t answer!


Call Notes Delivered by Email and/or Text


Vicky takes down all of the relevant information from each caller, and sends you a call summary email after each call, so that you are always up to date on what is happening with your business.


We also offer the option to send these call notes to you via text as well!


Voicemail Box


Each Vicky Virtual customer is provided with their own voicemail box for callers to leave messages after hours.


We advise setting your calls to forward on a schedule that matches our hours of operation so that you receive any calls and voicemail messages that come in after hours.


If your calls are not set to forward on a schedule, and voicemail messages are left after hours, we will forward you an audio file of the recorded voicemail messages.


If you publish the number we assign you on your website/marketing materials, we can send all after hours calls to the phone number of your choice.*

*Keep in mind that we sometimes will change the phone number assigned to your account due to phone system changes or other reasons. If for some reason your number is changed, you agree to assume all liability.


You also have the option of having us do call-backs for some or all voicemail messages left, at your request.

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