30 Nov Importance of Quality Assurance

Progressing from a startup or a small business attitude and stepping out into the opportunity of fast growth is a frightening process for a lot of small business owners. One day you are vending your products and services, signing up clients, and the next day you feel like you’re falling short over the quality and coherence you want to put on the table.
The most efficient method of determining if your customers are happy with the company’s customer service is carrying out a complete evaluation of your call center through a prearranged set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and designing your department according to the results.
Quality Assurance means establishing operational controls to make sure that the results match the desired effect. Customer service operations are made to keep customers contented while guarding the organization. To be sure that customer service reaches the goals in your small company, the person responsible for the quality assurance must outline the quality functions as they apply to how you handle your customers. Once the outlines are in place, you can determine the resources required to accomplish and make sure your customers would get quality service.
Quality Assurance is very important as they make certain that the clients’ and the customer’s demands are met. They are the ones who check the tasks of the agents in every department.

1. Monitor performance

Monitoring your agents is the only way to be certain they’re bringing customer service that coordinates with your company values and priorities. This includes recording calls and evaluates them regularly.

2. Identify Strengths

Since there are different brands for each client, the quality assurance specialist identifies the strength of each product and will use that to increase its quality. They will also check on what’s the best resolution to the client’s needs and will establish that process for future use.

3. Identify weaknesses

At the same time, the quality assurance specialist will also identify the weaknesses and eliminate it one by one. Since they are the ones who listen to calls of the agents all the time, they know what’s the best thing to do.


The quality assurance can also match what is promised to the client to what the client expects and what your customer service delivery. If the delivered service matches customer expectations and what you assured to deliver, quality with respect to the customer service element is high. If there are inconsistencies, you can use the quality assurance structure to track improvements.

5. Training and Coaching

Agents need to be trained on quality policies and procedures. You can have the training as a group or individually. This should start in agent training so that the new employee’s expectations of a quality of call are set. Operation Leaders should also be trained on how to use an evaluation feedback to coach their agents to improve. A closed loop coaching process works best so that as agents are coached, the quality assurance team monitors them for improvement.
The fulfillment and contentment of yoru clients is the greatest insurance plan for your business. One bad service experience can turn a loyal customer of your company into a vocal detractor to a captive audience of the social media masses.
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