How a Virtual Receptionist Service Can Help Your Small Business Increase its ROI

25 Feb How a Virtual Receptionist Service Can Help Your Small Business Increase its ROI

How a Virtual Receptionist Service Can Help Your Small Business Increase its ROI

Creating and running a small business is not easy. Not only is there a time investment that you
have to make, but you also need to have your startup costs covered and create a plan that will
lead to success. To make sure that you achieve that success, you need a good return on your
investments, whether they are in money or in time.
To get the most out of your money, streamlining certain aspects of your business can prove to
be a great strategy to lower costs and increase impact. Hiring a virtual receptionist service is
one of the ways you can consolidate your costs and make your interactions with the public and
customers the most profitable they can be.

Partnering With a Virtual Receptionist Company

Keeping your receptionist services in-house can perhaps feel simple, but it opens up many
issues that you may not have considered. For instance, if you hire someone to be your
receptionist, they may end up being a poor fit or they may leave not long after. After the hiring
process and training, you will have already spent a significant amount of time and money, and
will just have to go through it all again. You may end up throwing good money after bad, and
your return on investment will suffer as a result.
Customers will leave your business if their first point of contact with you is not a positive one.
Customer service is so valuable, but is all too often overlooked by many business owners. If
your customers have a negative opinion of how you treat them, then not only will they go to a
competitor, but they may even go on social media and business directories and leave negative
reviews. These can be devastating to your bottom line.
Owning a small business means that you probably have full days of doing your regular work,
plus any unexpected things that might come up during the day. With a virtual receptionist, you
will not have to worry about phone calls constantly cutting into your day. You can focus on what
you need to focus on, and deal with only the most important calls that result in increased
The bottom line is that not everybody is a natural when it comes to customer service. It is a skill
that requires training and practice. If you are not able to offer the right training to your
employees, then you will suffer for it.

How Does a Virtual Receptionist Help With Your ROI?

There are several ways that a virtual receptionist can help with your ROI. Here is a listing of just
a few.

Your Business is Always Reachable

As a small business, you no doubt have to rationalize your staffing costs to what makes sense.
There’s a good chance that you do not have the budget to hire someone to answer calls and
answer questions that may or may not come in the middle of the night. However, with a virtual
receptionist, you can have that option. That way, if your product or service is not confined to
your local market, you can provide answers and information to anyone from around the world at
any time. Not only that, but their interaction with your business can be with an actual human
being, as opposed to an IVR system that runs them around in circles or does not provide the
information or support that they need.

Your Service Provider Can Handle Everything

As we mentioned above, hiring people is expensive and time-consuming. Not only do you have
to pay a salary, but you will have to pay for job ads, training, benefits, equipment, and any
number of other things that will reduce your ROI. A virtual receptionist service will cover all of
those things for you. They train their staff for your business, as part of the service. There is no
need for you to worry about hiring or someone leaving prematurely. They are professionals
when it comes to providing excellent customer service phone support, so you know that your
customers will be in good hands.

Sales Help

The main reason you invest so much into your business is the prospect of bringing even more
in. That means you need to convert sales from those who come into contact with your business,
either online, in-person, or on the phone. By operating on a 24/7 basis, you can make sure that
any potential customers who reach out to you will speak with a real live person. You will not be
losing business by people hanging up on an automated system. Virtual receptionists can not
only answer questions and provide support, but they can place orders and convert sales as well.
You may be missing out on customers already and you wouldn’t even know it since there isn’t
anyone to answer the phones during certain times of the day.

Call Tracking

One of the most important parts of any sales campaign, other than conversion, is to track how
many calls, questions, and conversions you get during that campaign. This is essentially
learning how effective the campaign was. A live virtual receptionist will make sure that no calls
are missed, and that your tracking information will be complete. That way, for future campaigns,
you can use what worked and what didn’t do create even more effective ads. Also, by using a
virtual assistant, you will be prepared for an increase in call volume. If your campaign is very
successful, you don’t want your business to lose out on customers because you aren’t able to
keep up with call demand.

Customer Retention

A general marketing guideline is that retaining a customer is 5 times less expensive than
acquiring a new one. By treating your current customers the way that they want and expect to
be treated, you are more likely to gain their trust, loyalty, and repeat business. A virtual
receptionist can help you provide a superior customer experience to keep them coming back.
As you can see, getting a good ROI will depend on several different factors. By outsourcing your
receptionist duties, you can provide yourself with more cost-certainty and increase the ROI of
your ad campaigns.

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