Anybody who works in customer service understands that the job gets a little chaotic as the holidays. Huge holidays like Christmas are usually followed by a growth in the numbers of customers who support a business. This is true for a business like retail and hospitality, but regardless of the rush in the number of customers, a business is expected to maintain a constant and satisfying level of service all year round.

How can you make your startup business takes care of its seasonal customers?

Answer customer’s questions before they ask

Great customer service starts long before a consumer picks up the telephone or send an email. By supporting clear, easy-to-find data about your store policies and your products, you can cut down the need for consumers to contact you for basic information.


Train all temporary support in your policy, and retrain your employees

If things will not be exchangeable or returnable only for store credit, make sure the temporary support you’ve hired know this. Incorrect information will turn off both new and loyal customers come January.
While employees carry out their day-day work, it’s easy to get engrossed up in the routine. Some might even cultivate some bad habits over time, a refresher training is a great way to get everyone back on the same page.


Motivate Employees

Your employees, particularly those who communicate with the customers will be dealing with a greater volume of customers and greater pressure during the holiday season. They earn a pat on the back, and the holiday season is the best time to acknowledge and appreciate your employees. Rewards and recognition are good motivational tools in the workplace, they not only increase productivity but boost the likelihood of employees who bend over backward for the customer.


Cutoff dates for delivery by Christmas

Shoppers do not want to get midway through check out only to know that the things they have purchased will not arrive on time. Starting on Black Friday, note down the last buy dates by which you can promise standard and rush delivery by Christmas.


Staff to meet the demand

Staff correctly. If you are a retailer, you should be aware that holidays are more hectic than the rest of the year. So, plan for it. Same goes for any with other businesses that have expected higher-than-usual volume than any time of the year.


Ensure ambiance is very welcoming

The atmosphere plays a vital role in your customer’s experience during the Holidays. Your ambiance should be well thought of to agree on the theme of the holiday, it can also be used as a way of brand distinction during the holiday season.
If your ambiance makes your customers feel unpleasant or is uncomfortable for some customers, you peril losing them to your rival or competition who can simply pull in your customers using a well-thought-of ambiance. Constructing an approachable and comfortable environment can positively affect the disposition and emotions of customers when they visit your business during the holiday season. Do not think too little of the impact of ambiance on your customer experience.


Look at your social channels

Some business often forgets about their social media channels where customers sometimes leave comments both negative or positive and inquiries. Make sure you have a plan of not only monitoring them but also answering the questions.


Don’t take it Personally

A person who’s going through a lot of stress especially in your business may get angry at you or one of your employees. Taking it personally is not a good idea. If you are genuinely customer-focused, and doing everything correctly, then you should take it as the customer is just having a bad day and it’s not your fault. However, it’s a great opportunity to start to turn the bad day around. While you don’t take it personally, you do own it and do the very best you can to deliver a stress-free experience for the customers.



The holidays are meant to be the joyous time of the year. However, this can also the be season that can cause you the most stress. As a start-up business, be aware of this and bend over backward at this time of the year to make things easier for your customers. If you can make a customer happy during the busiest time, then you can make it through the rest of the year.

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