16 Nov Dealing with Rude Customers

One of the most difficult parts of customer service is to discern how to handle rude customers. Customer service representatives encounter rude customers all the time. If you have worked in customer service or for the public, you know this very well.
Most of the time, rude customers have nothing against you. They’re just trying to tell you that they are not satisfied with the way they have been treated, or how their concern was handled.
Even though customer service and sales people usually encounter rude customers, everyone has “customers.” Anyone who you talk within your workplace who’re seeking for results or some other output is a customer.
How do you stay calm and resolve problems for customers who are rude and seem unreasonable and biased?


Remain Calm

Most of the annoyed people get more upset when they see that the other person is also angry. For that reason being calm and respectful is not just a matter of being a professional, but also should be in your personal interest.
The first thing you should do is to remain calm and not respond in kind. If you are confronted with an unexpected verbal attack, a defense mechanism is to fight back. Something as easy as taking a deep breath can provide you a few seconds to collect your thoughts and prevent from back talking in a way that might view you as the aggressor.

Don’t take it personally

Refrain from making contradictory comments as you talk with rude customers. Let them know you acknowledge their honesty and you want to help.
Bear in mind that rude customers are not angry with you. They are just not happy with the quality of performance they are getting or how their problem is handled. Instead of taking her rudeness personally, you can try to empathize with the customer. The customer wants you to know that you understand the situation and what they have gone through. They want you to understand the inconvenience and disappointment that they’ve suffered. so you need to show the customer that you do know and you care.

Solve the problem

The best way to neutralize rude customers is to involve them in solving the problem that’s feeding their rude behavior. Ask them what they feel would be an agreeable solution. Then you will have something concrete you that you can work on.
Mos of the customers just want an impartial resolution, but a rude customer may make impossible or excessive demands. If so, emphasize to him that you want to help, and offer suggestions that are fair and reasonable.
Find fast and easy solutions. Many concerns that lead to customer rudeness has occurred before, so your establishment can have policies that allow you to offer refunds or replacement to customers. Quick resolutions, satisfy the customer, lessens stress, and cut off difficult situations swiftly.


A rude customer might want to just vent out her frustrations and wants you to listen to every word that she has to say. No matter how irrational the customer sounds, show them that you have taken in what she talked about by occasionally doing the verbal nods. Let the customers have the floor and probe the customer for information to be able to help them out properly. You are after the facts and solution while they are there to vent out.
One of the reasons why a customer becomes rude is when they feel that they are treated badly or when they’ve had bad customer service experience in the past. Give them time to talk through their disappointments by active listening and refraining from interrupting.


Regardless if the problem is your fault or not, you should give assurance to the customer that their issues have been justified by apologizing sincerely. When you apologize to a customer, it gives them a little satisfaction for the stress they had. It should make them feel that you understand what they’re going through and it should calm them down a bit.
Maintain your voice in a neutral tone even if the customer is angry and raising his or her voice. The best way to remain in control of the conversation is to stay control of your emotions, remain neutral, and stick to the facts.

Stay Positive

The customer will surely be grateful hearing your smile over the phone. Recent studies have shown that over the phone, people are able to tell when the other person is smiling because it would reflect in a positive friendly tone of voice.
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