Enhance Your Law Practice with Virtual Assistant Services

Expand your law practice with the help of virtual legal receptionists and assistants.  We have a team of unsung heroes that will answer your phones, take client intakes, and handle paperwork while providing excellent service, so you may focus on your practice. Do not let distractions like phone calls and administrative tasks prevent you from doing things that matter.

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Learn How to Reach Your Full Potential with Vicky, the Legal Industry's Leading Virtual Receptionist Team.

Our mission is to completely transform law offices' management of their front desks. You can put your full attention on running your practice because our staff of virtual receptionists is prepared to give your clients a professional and smooth experience.

Elevate Your Image with Premium Reception Services

Your customers should always receive your best work. For this reason, we provide a full suite of first-rate reception services, including live call answering and appointment scheduling. We stand behind them all with a dedication to quality. Our virtual receptionists have undergone extensive training to ensure that they provide service to your clients in a way that sounds natural and professional, just like a real person would.

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Never Miss A Client

Hiring an experienced intake expert will help you capture more leads and focus on your current cases.

Reduce Missed Calls

With a legal answering service available night and day, you can always be there for your clients when they have questions or concerns.

Convert More Leads

Professional legal intake services, prospect qualification, and outbound contacting services let you zero in on the most promising leads and prospects.

Boost Revenue

Rather than investing in hiring and training a full-time client intake specialist, you can take advantage of our round-the-clock legal answering service to increase your caseload and maintain a steady flow of potential clients.

Our Services


During office hours, our virtual receptionist service will expertly answer your calls, giving your customers the impression that they are speaking with a person from your team.


We help you qualify your prospective clients by asking the right questions on the first call. This allows you to select the best case for your firm.


Facilitate time management on your part by scheduling meetings on your behalf.


With the help of our services, you can direct incoming client calls to the appropriate team or representative every time.


Help you by making calls to others on your behalf, such as clients, for appointment reminders or to check in on how things are going.


Improve client interaction and lead capture with instant texting and meet customers where they are.

Transform Your Operations with Innovative Technology

Forget about ever missing another critical call or opportunity again. Your calls will be answered quickly and professionally thanks to our cutting-edge technology. You can rest assured that your customers will never get lost in a maze of internal transfers thanks to our virtual receptionists, who have access to relevant information and can expertly direct calls to the appropriate individuals or departments.

Unleash The Power Of People

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